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good morning, america. this morning, terror at 44,000 feet. a fire breaks out in ann romney's jet. smoke fills the cabin. >> we have an electrical issue here. and we're going to declare an emergency. >> new details on the frantic moments leading up to that emergency landing. into the cage. a tiger mauls a visitor at one of the country's most popular zoos. but why did this man leap over two fences to get in there. faked reality? it's the new hit reality show about amish people going bad. but are the stars really amish? new questions this morning. and how the show plans to answer the charges. and the ultimate quest for love. young man putting his entire life on hold, traveling over to ireland in search of his one true love. a woman he only met once.
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and he doesn't even know her name. can we help him find her? we love the story about the quest for love. but here's the thing. the woman he is looking for, red hair and freckles, in ireland. not the easiest thing to find. >> i don't want to overgeneralized. but a woman would have picked up on more details, right? she had a mole. green eyes. >> you know they're starting with the male-bashing already. >> top of the hour already. >> typical day here. on a happier note, today is the first day of fall, after a summer of extreme weather. autumn coming in like a lion, keeping miss ginger zee busy, as we like it. it snowed overnight, if i got that right? >> it did, minnesota. >> she has the full forecast coming up. and today is 45 days from the election. and mitt romney just released
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his tax returns, raising a tantalizing question. why did he pay more in taxes than he had to? >> he gave a lot of money to charities, as well. also making headlines this morning, a hostage drama inside a skyscraper in downtown pittsburgh, plays out in a bizarre way, on facebook. the suspect giving status updates as his friends send him messages, urging him to surrender. we'll tell you how this all ended. >> we'll hear from his mother, coming up, as well. this is a huge weekend in tv. the emmys tomorrow night on abc. last night, the stars were out in force in hollywood, at a pre-show bash, where we found out what the cast of "modern family" is doing to prepare. also, that scare in the air for ann romney. her campaign plane was forced to make an energy landing in colorado, after smoke filled the cabin at 44,000 feet. clayton sandell has the latest from denver. clayton? >> reporter: good morning to
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you, bianna. it was an unexpected stop here in denver and emergency landing, made by quick-thinking pilots, as the plane carrying ann romney was filling with smoke. trouble at 40,000 feet. >> we've had an electrical issue here. and we're going to declare an emergency. >> reporter: just after 2:00 p.m. friday, a mall fanks on the plane carrying ann romney and her team, on their way from a campaign stop in omaha, nebraska, to santa monica, california. >> we have smoke in the cabin. we're going to see the severity right now. >> reporter: the pilots made a turn for denver international airport, about ten miles away. the crew telling everyone to buckle their seat belts. >> very scary for all of us. when you are in a cabin and you see smoke coming out of the back of a plane, that is something that's very disconcerting. >> reporter: a flight attendant reportedly uses a fire extinguisher to control the smoke, now beginning to irritate passenger eyes and throats. pilots ask for firefighters to meet the plane.
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once on the ground, all ten crew and passengers evacuate. >> we were informed by the crew that the safest spot would be nearest to the exit, which was the front boarding door. mrs. romney was already seated in that spot. >> reporter: mitt romney's press secretary tweeting the source of the smoke, apparently an electrical fire. ann romney spoke with her husband by phone, letting him know everyone was safe. now, after about two hours, a new plane was brought in. and ann romney was once again off to california, where today, she will meet up with her husband. as for mitt romney, he will be back here in swing state, colorado, tomorrow night. dan? >> big battleground. just before ann romney's air scare, her husband tried to put a nagging campaign issue to rest. releasing his tax returns from last year. it's "your voice, your vote." and with just 45 days until the presidential election, romney's tax returns are raising an interesting question. why did he pay more than he had to? david kerley is on the story in washington this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: the romney campaign had hoped to quiet all the
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critics with the release of this second year of taxes. the question is will it work? instead, the controversy has been re-ignited. is mr. romney actually making himself disqualified for president? mitt romney was in vegas when he revealed last year's taxes. income of $13.7 million, nearly all from selling stocks and dividends. taxes paid, just less than $2 million, a tax rate of just over 14%. but to get to that rate, romney had to do something he told us he doesn't do. >> i don't pay more than are legally due. and if i had paid more, than are legally due, i don't think i'd be qualified to become president. >> reporter: but last year, he did exactly that. paying an extra $500,000 in taxes he didn't owe. why? so he could stick to his statement that he's never paid less than a 13% tax rate. he did it by claiming just a bit more than half of the $4 million
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given to charity, the mormon church, and the health care foundation. his campaign also claims romney paid state and federal taxes for the past 20 years. but it will not release anything beyond two years of actual returns. but they did also release a medical report. romney, according to his doctor is a, quote, vigorous, strong, fit male, who appears years younger than his age. and doesn't drink or use welcome to coe. the governor does take cholesterol medication and has a slow heartbeat. as for the vice presidential candidate, paul ryan, his doctor says his health is excellent because of his vigorous aerobic and strength-building exercises. >> hey, everybody. how are you? >> reporter: but ryan's psyche may have taken a hit when he spoke to the aarp. and found himself booed when he tried to sell his changes for medicare. >> the first step to a stronger medicare is to repeal obama care.
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it represents the worst of both worlds. >> reporter: it was a tough speech for ryan. back to romney's taxes. if he had claimed all the deductions available to him, his tax rate would have been just over 10%. bianna? >> all right, david. for more analysis, we're joined by john avlon, senior correspondent for the daily beast. back in july, romney said he never paid less than 13%. this tax return proves that. is this case closed now? >> the romney campaign wants to put this behind them. but the issue was fading from view. now, it's back on the front pages. they had a lousy week. they figured they'd double down and get it all out there. but the real issue becomes this 14% rate on $14 million. that's so much less than what many middle class folks make as a percentage of their income and a tax rate. that does raise issues. we're about this big fight of 35 or 39 at the top right. and mitt romney is paying 14%, that's a fundamental problem
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that slaps people not adding up. >> his campaign wants to turn the conversation to the u.s. economy. 45 days left in this campaign. what does he need to do? >> he needs to stop having a lot of self-inflicted wounds. he's had a lousy week. two resets, both by self-inflicted wounds. he has a strong case to make by focusing on hope and change that hasn't panned out. focusing on the economy that hasn't worked. but he has to stop to have self-inflicted wounds. and the debates in october. the trend has not been his friend. but he's very close in a couple of key states. >> and president obama didn't go unscathed this week. the romney campaign pouncing on a statement he made, that you can't fix washington from the inside. how much traction is that going to get in. >> the univision did provide a couple of key opportunities for the romney campaign. that's one. if president obama has failed to change the tone in washington, give us a chance. what would you do differently? that created a real opening for
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that debate. but they needed to seize it with positive, proactive plans. >> a very close race ahead. john, thanks for coming on. be sure to watch abc's "this week" tomorrow, when george talks to david axelrod, and ryan priebus. let's check the headlines with ron claiborne. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with backlash in libya, after the attack that killed ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. thousands of libyan protesters stormed the headquarters in benghazi, including the group suspected in the attack on the u.s. consulate. the compound was set on fire by angry protesters. and the militants inside were forced to flee. in pakistan, 19 people were killed in violent protests over that anti-islam movie that was made in the u.s. dozens more were injured during clashes between police and protesters there. protesters offended by that
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film, marched in a half dozen other muslim countries on friday. and there's a link between sugary dinks and obesity. one study of 33,000 americans found proof that the drinks interact with jeans affecting weight, increasing the risk of obesity. swapping the sugary drinks for calorie-free alternatives leads to less weight gain in children and teenagers. and the space shuttle "endeavour" made its final flight, touching down in los angeles. and officially ending nasa's shuttle program. people lined streets and rooftops to get one, last final glimpse in flight. it toured some california landmarks, from the golden gate bridge to the hollywood sign before landing. it will go on display at the science museum in los angeles. finally, i've been to a lot of baseball games in my life. hundreds of play in little league and high school ball. but i've never seen what i saw at the yankees/oakland game last night. the yankees ichiro suzuki, hits
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it back to the pitcher. and somehow, he loses the ball inside his shirt. he tried to pull it out. and finally, just gave up. you see him smile afterward. even he thought it was funny. the yankees, by the way, won that game, 2-1. they're in first place. just a dozen games to go. i'm a yankees fan. >> we could tell. i love the look on his face. forget it. >> i don't know how he did it. how do you lose a baseball down your shirt? but he did it. now, to the global frenzy over apple's latest, shiny, new, got to have it product, the iphone 5. the company produced 10 million of the gadgets and many of them have been sold with i-fans swarming stores all over the planet. but does the 5 live up to its hype. abc's john schriffen is here with that. >> reporter: good morning. for months, apple kept the iphone 5 a secret. around the globe, people have waited in line for days, including right here in new york city, where some slept on the
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street for nearly a week. now that the phone has been released, it seems nearly everyone has an opinion on the latest it gadget. it's the latest apple gadget, sending the world into a gat-to-have it frenzy. >> i want to be a part of it. i love iphones. >> reporter: this week alone, the company expects to sell 10 million of them. that's 2,300 iphones every 60 seconds. and across the globe, where it's not yet available, you can buy one on the black market for more than $1,500. the demand so great, the new york city police department set up outside apple stores, instructing customers on how not to get their iphones stolen. >> iphone apple iphone has been one of the biggest markets, especially for grand larceny. >> reporter: the launch was not without its glitches. there are the new apple map problems that have errors. they found no faces on mt. rushmore. and look at the new clock
4:13 am
design. switzerland's rail company looking to challenge the tech giant, saying they stole their design. look at the two side-by-side. and all this, a side show to the big question. how well does it work? customers seem happy. and the tech experts? >> it's a great upgrade. it's thinner, it's faster, it's lighter, it's stronger. it's all things that make a great phone. it's probably the best smartphone in the world. >> reporter: what about the map issue? in a statement to abc news, apple says in part, quote, we launched this new map service knowing it is a major initiative. and we're just getting started with it. we're continuously improving it. and a map is a cloud-based solution. the more people use it, the better it will get. experts say, in the meantime, if you don't like the new apple maps, you can pull up google maps in the browser. that's the solution. >> a rare hiccup for apple. we're going to shift gears now to how technology could have
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spelled disaster inside a skyscraper in downtown pittsburgh. as police negotiators tried to talk down a man holding a hostage inside an office. the suspect was posting updates on his facebook page where his friends tried to intervene. rob nelson is here with more on this bizarre story. >> reporter: it is bizarre. good morning, guys. a mix offer the enand technology, as a former military man seemingly snapped, leaving a trail of disturbing status updates along the way. outside this downtown pittsburgh office building, a routine friday morning suddenly turned into chaos. panicked employees evacuated, streets closed, and an army of police cars out front. >> one girl was crying. one man was in there, thinking they were getting robbed. you know how there was just pandemonium. >> reporter: inside this man, 22-year-old klein michael taxton, had walked in about 8:00 a.m., claiming to have a bomb and a gun, and taking a company
4:15 am
ceo hostage. the incident triggered a six-hour ordeal, with negotiators trying to talk thaxton down. and in a bizarre twist, the suspect's emotional turmoil plaid out on facebook. thaxton posted, this life i'm living right now, i don't want anymore. i've lost everything. and i ain't getting it back. the post prompted others to send messages of hope, including one woman who wrote, there's always a storm before a blessing. it's never as bad as it seems. >> it is showing that people are concerned about his well-being. >> reporter: even thaxton's mother was baffled by the incident. >> i don't know. like i said, i want my son -- >> reporter: the drama eventually ended peacefully and without injury, as thaxton, a former army private, surrendered to police. according to published reports, the young man has a criminal background and a history of mental troubles. police eventually took down thaxton's facebook page, calling
4:16 am
the posts distractions, as negotiators tried to coax the man back from the breaking point. >> it's a blessing that no one was injured. no life was taken. >> reporter: during the standoff, more than 700 of thaxton's friends responded to his posts, which were made using the hostage's own computer and iphone. at one point, the police chief said the names of those who had responded on facebook were noted. and that if things had turned out badly, some may have been held partially responsible. that's a warning to nose who chime in. the police are watching and monitoring facebook, as well. >> thank you for your reporting this morning. time for the forecast. it's the first day of fall. it's coming in like a lion. meteorologist ginger zee is all over the story. >> i want to begin with the time it happened. 10:49 eastern time, fall officially arrives. and it certainly feels like it in some places. look how frosty it is. 43 minneapolis this morning. bismarck in the low 20s.
4:17 am
that type of cold is going to settle in for tomorrow morning. i'll be showing you that in a couple of moments. talk about a lion. indianapolis saw summer out with a severe thunderstorm that brought up to a foot-deep hail in some places. that's not snow. even though it did snow in duluth, that's not snow. this is minneapolis, where large, golf ball-sized hail fell. now, we have to go across the nation, though, because the rest of that severe weather is going to march east. and include places like d.c., philly, new york and albany today. later this afternoon, through the evening hours, i need everyone from the mid-atlantic to the northeast, in these hi highly-populated areas that hail could fall. also damaging winds. let's go back to the west coast now and talk about video that we have. that's from central washington. kle elem. 33 fires burning out west. and they're concerned about the one in central washington and make for a monstrous fire. the winds and the dry lightning, not going to help at all.
4:18 am
pendington, at 81. boise at 87. look how cold it's going to be tomorrow morning. freeze watches extend to madison, wisconsin. >> you have to love fall because you get the fall colors. you start taking the drives on the beautiful weekends. we're starting to see moderate to peak in colorado. so, we have that beautiful shot there from woodland park there. thank you, ellen. and a smoky sky because it's been like that.
4:19 am
not only in washington but in idaho, as well. >> my favorite time of the year. it feels so good out. >> i can't wait. >> all right. >> now, back to you. hollywood is partying all weekend, wrapping up for tomorrow's big night at the emmys. last night was the fabulous preshow blast. and "gma" at the emmys has exclusive access. >> our entertainment reporter and host of "on the red carpet," rachel smith has been up all night. and she joins us from l.a. with all of the details. rachel, you do not look like you've been up all night. >> i've been up all night, still rocking my party dress. but true story. by now, you know, the ballots have been cast. the results have been tabulated. and really only leads the nominees with one option. party, of course. and we've got your v.i.p. pass. 48 hours from showtime.
4:20 am
the nominees partied their way through tinseltown. hottest ticket, the emmy nominees reception. >> i'm one lucky gal. >> reporter: first-timers like the guys from "downton abbey" isn't believe the fuss they've created across the pond. >> it's a validation and a confirmation that i made the right choice. in my heart, what i knew i was born to do, i was meant to do. >> reporter: and old-timers still anticipate the main event. like four-time nominee, elisabeth moss. is it still exciting for you? >> yeah. the fact we're not even changers to this is bcrazy. >> reporter: others joke they need a little stimulation. >> i wear glitter underwear. you know? they rub. so, i put baloney in my shoes. so many actors work so hard for so many years to get an opportunity like this.
4:21 am
>> reporter: an opportunity that never truly becomes routine. lipstick on teeth anyone? >> you're kidding. i just did all these pictures. holy crap. >> reporter: inside, they dined on wolfgang puck's fabulous cuisine. >> and one, jumping the gun. even practicing her accept stance speech. >> oh, where do i start? >> reporter: you start with the nomination, which many consider the greatest party favor of all. this is a party not to be missed. according to reports, host jimmy kimmel is promising the biggest prank ever pulled. should be interesting. >> that's a tease. >> that's a really good tease. >> did you really tell julia louis-dreyfus that she had lipstick on her teeth? >> you have to help a girl out. and she is one of my faves. >> she's great. >> the big takeaway for me was ba baloney in the shoes.
4:22 am
the big party's tomorrow night. you can join rachel at 5:00 eastern, 2:00 pacific on select abc stations. then, lara spencer and josh elliott, pick up the coverage, co-hosting the emmys red carpet live. and then, jimmy kimmel hosts the primetime emmy awards at 8:00, 5:00 pacific. and join us for our after-party and exclusive interviews with the winners. >> you can tell we're doing a bit of emmy coverage. coming up on this broadcast, why did this guy jump into a tiger cage? zoo keepers scramble to rescue him. how did they do it? plus, faking amish. new charges that the stars of the hit reality show "breaking amish" aren't really amish. what are the show's producers saying now? and the love sick man on a mission. searching the entire irish countryside. he's looking for the lass he met one time briefly.
4:23 am
he believes this is the one true love of his life. our goal this morning, we're going to help this guy find the love of his life. keep it here on "gma." we're back in just a few minutes. [ male announcer ] what can you experience in a seat? inspiration. great power. iconic design. exhilarating performance. [ man ] ...once again has created le mans history... [ male announcer ] and once in a great while... all of the above. take your seat in the incomparable audi a8. ♪
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holy cow. there's building after building after building. >> it's all a bit crazy. >> those are supposed to be young amish men and women moving to new york city, as they try out a mainstream lifestyle for the very first time. it's all part of a hit reality show called "breaking amish." but new allegations are breaking themselves this morning. are the stars really amish? good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. >> i'm fixated with the guy walking with a cat on his head. >> that's mainstream life. >> i question whether that was real. good morning, america. i'm dan harris. it's saturday, september 22nd. also, somebody's going to make this story into a rom-com. this guy met a woman for the first time in an irish cafe.
4:31 am
he's live. we're waving back to you, sir. now, he's back to ireland. doesn't know her name. kind of doesn't really remember what she looked like. but he's on a quest. he's in love. and we're going to help him find his little lass coming up here this morning on "gma." >> we are determined. first, a gruesome attack at new york's famed bronx zoo. a 25-year-old man apparently jumped into fences into a tiger enclosure and was mauled, as horrified vitters looked on. john muller has the details. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. it boggles the mind what happened here at the bronx zoo yesterday. a man on a monorail dropped 17 feet, down to the ground. scales two fences. winds up in the tiger pen. he is alive for two reasons, the tiger didn't want him dead. and there was a great response by emergency workers. he's in stable condition this morning, upgraded from critical. as crazy as this sounds, the behavior is not as uncommon as
4:32 am
you might expect. >> a man jumped inside the tiger den. for more than 30 years, millions of tying riders see the tigers from this monorail. alone in the last car, he jumped 17 feet into the tiger den. almost immediately 25-year-old david dela lobos, was in the jaws of a tiger. this is not the tiger. but it is the siberian, the largest cat in the world, that could kill a man if it wants to. >> if the tiger wanted to do harm to this individual, he would have had time to do that. >> reporter: quick-thinking rescuers used fire hoess to distract the tiger and pull the man to safety. he sustained bite wounds on his arm, shoulder and back. why did he do it? only he knows. his family declined to talk on camera. but a former classmate said he
4:33 am
has been acting strange. >> i've seen some of the stuff he wrote on facebook. >> reporter: it's a tragic example of mind-boggling bad behavior at zoos. look at this tourist in alaska, who jumped a barrier to get a picture of a polar bear. in this video from singapore, a man crosses a mote to get to the tiger enclosure. >> somebody wants to drop 16 feet down, i don't know how you would manage for that. you could encase the animals in completely. that's not fair to the animals. >> reporter: another big problem, taunting. it turned deadly in 2007 in san francisco. >> get out of here. >> reporter: three men allegedly harassed a 350-pound tiger who leapt out of her enclosure, killing one of them. the latest zoo attack, doctors expect the victim to survive. the victim facebook page lists mother earth as his religion. for their part, the bronx zoo
4:34 am
said they did a great job out here yesterday. and they did, along with city officials. they saved not only this man's life, but the tiger's life, as well. as he recovers in the hospital, the tiger should be back in its pen today. >> you brought us stories a few times before, how dangerous the animals are. >> don't jump in the cage. it solves a lot of problems. >> that guy is very lucky to be alive. >> he is. you have the headlines for us? >> we do. good morning, everyone. in the news, congress has adjourned until after election day. the senate wrapped up business early this morning. and most significantly, they passed a bill keeping the government funded through next march. and three people wounded in the colorado movie theater massacre are suing the theater chain. claiming that the exit door should have had an alarm. the suits were filed the same day the company said it would reopen the theater by early next year, 2013. and all six windseeker rides at amusement parks in the u.s. and canada have been temporary shut down after the one at
4:35 am
knott's berry farm stranded riders over three hours this week. the company that owns the park is reviewing the ride's safety system. and finally, more proof that everything is bigger in texas. right, bianna? skinny the cat is looking for a home. a dallas-area shelter has put the 41-pound feline up for adoption. that's one big skinny large cat. he weighs as much as an average 4-year-old human. time for the weather and over to ginger zee. >> the building i live in only allows 40-pound dogs. it's talk about fall. it starts today. it will look like it and feel like it. parts of the northern plains, it already does. fall colors coming out. we have video from near st. cloud. see some of the yellow and oranges coming out. you'll see that south into kansas. look at the fall foliage report already. and in parts of new england. of course, this will continue.
4:36 am
it's about a week early in some places. we'll talk at rain. there's been so much rain this summer in miami. now, into the fall, not any different. about 30 inches above average for the year. that's miami. way wet. i'll leave you with a look at the storm in alaska. really intense winds and flooding rains, too. >> this weather report has been brought to you by cvs pharmacy. from the mid-atlantic to albany new york, you have to look out for severe storms today. coming up on "good morning america," the reality behind the reality show. "breaking amish." are the characters really amish? we're going to get into the scandal rocking this new hit program. >> ron is on the story coming
4:37 am
up. and this man is on the ultimate quest for the one who got away. he's gone to ireland to find a woman he met just once but cannot forget. we're going to talk to this romeo on the road. keep it here. i love my extrabucks rewards, and right now, they're doubling! so, when i shop -- i earn twice as much with double extrabucks rewards. that's two times the rewards! yeah, that's what double is. i know. i was agreeing with you. it's two times. act fast and sign up at for double quarterly extrabucks rewards. don't miss getting double quarterly extrabucks rewards. i love 'em! we serve more than starters. we serve igniters.
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when it comes to reality tv, we all expect a certain amount of actual reality, which is why the producers of the show "breaking amish," are facing a tough question this morning. namely, are the stars of the show actually amish? ron is here with more. >> dan, this isn't the first time that a reality show has been accused of being, well, less than real. and this kind of thing is always disturbing to hear. now, the allegations that the amish on "breaking amish," broke away from their sheltered community years ago. it's the popular, new reality show about the amish. those kind-hearted, god-fearing and technology-wary folks, living in sub sufficient communities. >> i wondered what it would be to drive a car. >> reporter: "breaking amish" follows four amish and one mennonite, as they trade the fields for the skyscrapers of the big apple. the show, quote, provides a
4:42 am
never-before-seen look at the lives of young men and women, as they, for the first time, break out from their respective amish/mennonite communities. >> it's like a telegram just came through. >> reporter: "breaking amish" is breaking through in the ratings game, as well. averaging 3 million viewers for the first two episodes. now, this bombshell. >> the main allegation is that the cast members left the amish society well before the taping of the show. >> reporter: according to this facebook page, breaking amish, the truth, shows kate entering a best smile contest. this facebook group claims that profile shows sabrina in a tank top. and this shows that rebecca and abe have a baby. tlc responded to the controversy. there's a lot of information floating around about the group featured on "breaking amish." much of it is not true. but some of it is. and is addressed in upcoming
4:43 am
episodes. >> the sunglasses. i will wear them for the rest of my life. >> reporter: even if the allegations turn out to be true, will viewers shun this reality tv show. >> while viewers don't want to be misled, they are at the end of the day, craving compelling story telling. and they will watch what they want to watch, if it has a great narrative arc. they'll watch it. >> tlc says it never advertised that the amish on the show were leaving their community for the big city for the first time. aha. >> we didn't see the small print. >> exactly. tiny print. >> thank you, ron. coming up here on "good morning america," the man on the ultimate love quest to track down his true love. we're going to help him. there he is. we'll be right back. i love cash back.
4:44 am
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endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. it's the stuff of fairy tales. a man on vacation in ireland, meets a woman in a cafe. but he's too scared to get her phone number. now, he's back on the emerald isle on a quest to find her. it's like the movie "serendipity" where a chance encounter leads to love. >> faith in what? >> destiny. >> reporter: or the movie "leap year." where amy adams searches ireland for their soul mate. >> i'm going to dublin to find my boyfriend. >> reporter: now, canadian dentist, sandy crawford, following his heart on a similar journey. it all started here in the irish countryside last summer, where crocker met a young woman. they chatted briefly. and then, she was gone.
4:49 am
but he never let go of that irish rose. and as time passed, it became clear. she was the one. now, crocker has set out for ireland once more, giving himself one month to find the girl. the only problem, he doesn't know her name or even where she's from. but he did tell us this. she's about 5'6", with freckles and reddish-brown hair. not exactly rare features for ireland. but sandy's hope is that like the movie -- he'll ultimately get the girl, too. joining us from belfast, northern ireland, is sandy crocker. welcome, sandy. thank you for coming on the show. >> thank you. great to be here with you folks. >> i have to ask you. are you a man who falls in love easily? >> no. no. that's where the adventure really starts. >> what about this encounter stood out to you? >> you know, it was one of those people that i felt just wore their inside on the outside. when you looked at them, you
4:50 am
instantaneously knew they were a good person without question. just the quality and the character of this person was amazing. >> this is a tough thing you're chasing here because, as we established, she's got red hair and freckles, which is not exactly uncommon in that part of the world. there's a local oddsmaker who put the odds at you getting married to 50-1. you don't know if she's married. how optimistic are you? >> you know what? you have to hold hope in life. it's just a situation where if you didn't come and do it and see if you can kind the girl, 50 years down the road, you'd regret it. this is making sure this isn't something you didn't do nothing about. >> and good for you. what are your tactics? are you going around town to tv stations? passing out flyers? >> nope. it was always meant and will be kind of a very, very low-key search. it was meant that, you know what? you come to the same town. you do things in the town.
4:51 am
if you bump into her in a cafe, wouldn't it be great if fate gave you a second chance at a first encounter? and talking to a little local paper to see if, you know what? maybe someone knows who she is. it was never meant to blossom into an international deal. >> if she was watching or happens to see this on the internet, what would you say to her right now? >> i would tell her to read the nice words i wrote about her. forget about the media and what everybody else is trying to make it to be. and think, you know what? if i had said this, you know, tomorrow, yesterday, a year ago, how would it make you feel? and if you want to contact me, i'd love to hear from you. >> sandy. >> we're pulling for you. >> we are all pulling for you. ron claiborne here salutes you. and we hope, in some small way, we can help you in this quest. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ooh, yeah, ooh-ooh, yeah ♪ ooh, yeah, ooh-ooh, yeah ♪ i love ya
4:52 am
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i really hope he finds her in ireland. >> i do, too. >> a long shot. >> but he can do it. we want to thank you for watching abc news. we're always online at on yahoo! have a wonderful weekend. we'll see you here tomorrow morning. ñc?xús1@ú?
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